Sunday, January 7, 2007

A New Dark Age?

"In America today, each faction's "truths" are defined by the faction's dogma or ideology. Each faction bans factual analysis that it doesn't want to hear. This is as true within the universities as it is at political rallies. The old liberal notion that "we shall follow the truth wherever it may lead" has long departed from America. Think tanks reflect the views of the donors. Studies are no longer independent of their financing. In America, truth has become partisan."
Equally applicable to other Western democracies, Paul Craig Robert's complete column is linked below:

America Enters a New Dark Age of Dogma


SME said...

Which is why we all should switch to "catma". :)

Al Cruikshank said...

From you I would have expected "ratma". ;)

SME said...

Oh, excellent! Yes! From on it's ratma.

tshsmom said...

Hi Al!
I like what you've got here. I'm looking forward to your new posts.